I must say that the previous comments left me a little unfeeling about this place so I decided not to go, but on my way to another place, I told myself « hey what the heck  » so I went. And I’m glad I did. Excellent service, but you must be patient before you get it. I believe they are victims of their success.. It is so crowded on weekends and you’re told by some rude guy “you will have to wait and be patient, sit down and someone will eventually help you”. After this period of frustration where I was ready to leave, I had remarkable tips for all of my equipment, from three different employees for three types of needs, especially from a guy named Maxime which I found very knowledgeable and friendly despite the bunch of ppl chasing the staff… but it’s at the cashier that I was particularly pleased .. The prices are definitely very good and I made quite a good deal. I strongly recommend this place. I compared my shopping list and I save about 40% on the skis and boots and around 30% on the rest. The place is a terrible mess but who cares.

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